Dom Barker

Highly capable technology leader and experienced software engineer who is equally happy dealing with people or computers. I build high performing teams and give smart people the environment they need to do their best work. I am an effective communicator and am comfortable with internal, customer, board or investor interactions. I specialise in early stage startups and have a wealth of experience of rapid development under pressure and managing the trade offs that come with it.

I'm currently CTO at Birda where I'm working on encouraging people to engage more with the natural world. I'm hoping that if people appreciate the critters that continue to dwindle around us then perhaps they might make different choices about how they treat our environment.

I live in Hitchin, Hertfordshire where I spend my free time falling off bicycles or walking my dog. If you'd like to get in touch feel free to email me.

Articles & Interviews

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Previous Projects

CTO at Fluidlyfinance
CTO at Metalhubretail
VP Engineering at Quill Content / Jellyfishmedia
Consultant at Jigsaw.xyzfinance
Tech Lead at Which?publishing
Tech Lead at OpenXOmedia
Engineer at Unomeemixed
Engineer at Earthwaremixed
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